Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing

Arkansas State Board

of Public Accountancy

License Renewal Instructions

You can only renew a license at the same status that you are currently licensed.  You cannot change to inactive or retired status without contacting the Board. 

You are entering a secured network. 

  • Continuing education is a requirement for Individual active License-To-Practice renewals.  Do not back date your CPE for renewal purposes.  Do not aggregate (sum up) your CPE on a single line.  Every CPE course must be listed separately, just as it is described on the CPE certificate.
  • You should make any changes necessary to accurately report your address, phone, fax, and/or email information. You cannot change your name through the renewal process.
  • Accepted methods of payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or electronic check (E-check) to renew your license online. 

Before entering your payment information, you will be asked to confirm the information on the screens is accurate, and you will be asked to electronically sign the renewal agreeing to the accuracy.

IMPORTANT: In order to renew online, you must enter your entire license number including any leading zeros (if your license number does not start with zero, do not add any zeros in front of it).

Example: 090, 9090, 999C or 9090R

For Individuals, you must also enter your birth date in the following format using the full year. (No slashes or dashes)

Example: 01091956


For Firms, you must also enter the business EIN in the following format using the dash.

Example: 01-2345678

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