Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing

Arkansas State Board

of Public Accountancy


Board Staff

Executive Director

Tim Montgomery, CPA

Tim has been with the Board since July of 2013. He was promoted to Executive Director in May 2023.  He and his wife live in the country with their youngest child.  They also have 3 grown children, all married, and 2 beautiful grandsons.  Contact Tim via phone or e-mail if you have questions about anything Board related


Dale Edge, CPA

Dale has been with the Board since February of 2003 and is from Bethany, Oklahoma.  He now lives in North Little Rock. Dale would like you to know that the Board Staff is here to help; and, if you receive a communication requesting a response, please do not ignore it. Contact Dale if you have questions regarding Accountancy Law or Board Rules. Dale’s preferred method of contact is e-mail.



Licensing Specialist

Kathrine Stone

Kathrine joined the staff as the Licensing Specialist in December of 2020.  Contact Kathrine if you have questions concerning CPA licensure, CPA firm licensure, Practice Review, Peer Review, or Quality Review.

Exam and Registration Specialist

Mary Roberts

Mary has been with the Board since October 2018. Contact Mary if you have questions concerning the CPA exam or your CPA exam application. Mary’s preferred method of contact is email.

CPE Coordinator

Jessica Lewis

Jessica joined the Board in October 2021. If you have questions concerning Continuing Professional Education, (CPE) please contact her.