Online Ethics Course

Online Ethics Course Instructions

Beginning 2015, all licensees must take 1 hour of Arkansas Board Ethics covering the Accountancy Law and Board Rules. This requirement will replace 1 of the 4 hours of Ethics from previous Board Rule requirements (now requiring 1 hour of ASBPA Ethics and 3 additional hours of Ethics over every 3 year period).

To make it easier for all licensees, the Board has contracted with a vendor to provide a 1 hour self-study course, maintained by the vendor, provided free to the licensee.

If you have issues with the test, the course, registering with the vendor, or logging in after you have already registered, please contact the vendor directly.

Each module must be completed before the quiz can be completed.  Click on the module and then click the play button in the bottom left hand corner.  Read the slides and allow the slide deck to play until you see a green check mark in the bottom right hand corner.  You can skip ahead and go backwards in the module, but the module will not be considered complete until the green check mark appears.

Once you have completed all of the modules, you will see a take exam button at the bottom of your last completed module or on the overview screen within your last completed module.

To pass the exam you will need to answer 22 of 30 questions correctly.  Once you pass the exam please print or save the certificate of completion.

Before taking the course, please read the instructions, above.

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